Who is Blocboy JB and How is he on the Come up?

Blocboy JB

Blocboy JB, 29, is a new upcoming rapper from Memphis, TN. His real name is James Baker and he got kicked out of school in 10th grade, that’s when he started making music. His name is Blocboy JB because he is a boy from the block and JB stands for James Baker.

Blocboy Jb (James Baker) has worked at Mcdonalds, Apple Warehouse and a Popeye’s trying to fund his career. He started his Soundcloud page as a teenager back in 2012. He released his first mixtape back in 2016 which was named as “Who am I” which featured the track “ No Chorus Pt 6”, which got almost 2 million views on youtube.

Blocboy Jb also did 2 songs which are “Rover” and “Shoot” which are getting famous now as well. But are not better than “Look alive” featuring Drake.

Blocboy JB was also a part of a controversy in which he visited many high schools and was shooting a dice at Hamilton High School in Memphis, Tennessee. Maybe he went to the same high school and doesn’t like the fact that he was kicked from the school. But God knows what was the reason behind shooting dice at a high school.

On one fine summer, Blocboy released a song called “shoot” which started a craze among the teenagers which was called “shoot dance”. This trend was almost the same as the Bobby Shmurda’s Shmoney dance in which he had his own signature moves. But the shoot dance was the signature move dance of the Blocboy Jb’s new hit called the shoot.

Well, all the rappers coming out are from Atlanta, Georgia nowadays. But at least Blocboy JB is from Memphis and that’s what he represents now and on. Blocboy is from the streets of Memphis where he grew up and where he lives right now.

Blocboy Jb was striving in his career until Drake discovered him. The best thing about drake his he always does songs with young and new talent and these kinds of songs are always a hit.

Blocboy Jb was just a regular until drake discovered him and as mentioned earlier that drake makes the record a hit always. Some of the early rumors were that Blocboy JB was signed to Drake’s label OVO Sound which are not confirmed yet. But Blocboy Jb will be signed by any label in future because he is hot right now and he is just new in the game.


How is Blocboy JB on the Come up?

Whoever does a song with Drake turns to gold. Whoever in the start of there career has featured a song with drake has turned to gold such as Migos did Versace, Wizkid did come closer and many more. Whoever does a song with drake or features drake in the start of their career becomes successful.

So Blocboy JB did 2-3 solo songs before and few mixtapes. Now Blocboy Jb did a song “Look Alive” with Drake which is 5 in the Top 100 BILLboard ranking which means this song is among the top 5 of the Billboard and it is more trending. What an amazing start to his career.

The summer of 2018 will be a great opportunity for Blocboy JB to drop some bangers and hot songs because summer is the time when most of the people are free and are looking into new things. Most of the songs released in summer becomes Summer Jam and these songs are played all summer long.

Blocboy Jb’s Personal Life

According to the wikipedia Blocboy Jb has a 2 year old son but his partner name is not stated and not confirmed yet.