Ed Sheeran is Building a Chapel but is anyone Invited?


Ed Sheeran is going to get married to her fiancée Cherry Seaborn this year.

But the real thing is Ed Sheeran is planning to build a Chapel on his Suffolk, England, Estate.

He has submitted the application to the City Council about this matter. His plan for the Chap is a Saxon Style with a round tower. The decision on the application is due in April 2018.

In the application he mentioned his desire for the chapel: “It is every person’s right to be able to have a place to retreat for observation and prayer, for religious observance, a celebration of key life and family milestones, marriages, christenings and so forth.”

However, he wanted the chapel to build this year but now he says I want the chapel to be built before his marriage. He also mentioned that its the right of every citizen to have his/her own place of worship or a chapel.

Well just for now I think it will be a private Chapel for the Ed family but the thing is a worship place for God should be open for everybody. Maybe Ed Sheeran will allow other people to go pray there. If not it will be a tourist spot because a lot of people would like to see how the chapel would look like because Ed has a unique design for it.