How did Cardi b Top the Charts in Just Months?

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 03: Rapper Cardi B at 2017 LudaDay Celebrity Basketball Game at Morehouse College - Forbes Arena on September 3, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cardi b’s success was not an overnight thing. Cardi used to work at a supermarket in Lower Manhattan area in New York City. Cardi b is a part of the Gang named as Bloods which she joined during the teenage and she is a member of the blood gang until now but she, not much involved in the gang stuff now.

After getting tired of poverty she started stripping at a gentleman’s club in New York City. Cardi b is from Bronx, New York City and she did stripping for a while Until in 2013 she started making videos on Vine which went viral pretty quickly.

In 2013-2014 Cardi b started writing and practice songs, so she did top the charts but in years not in months because success takes a long time to come.

In Summers of 2017, Cardi b launched a song called Bodak Yellow (Money Moves) which became viral and was a hit. Cardi topped the Billboard charts thrice now which is quite accomplished in her career.

Cardi b is the only rapper with 3 songs in the Billboard Top 100 charts. Cardi b also did a song called “Motorsport” with Migos and Nicki Minaj which became a great hit as well.

Cardi b after releasing Bodak Yellow went twice on performing the song at Barclays Center. Cardi b has worked hard in her life which is the reason she has a successful career and she has topped the charts thrice easily.

The real reason behind cardi b’s success is not her luck but hard work which she did for years to become successful. Cardi b also did some mixtapes and features which a lot of people are not aware of.

The main reason behind the success of Cardi b and other rappers is not luck but hard work and practice which they have been doing for years. Cardi b started back in 2013 and she took almost 3-4 years to become successful and she is the real example of rags to riches.

Cardi b has always been hustling and working hard in her life. Cardi b got a lot of attention and fans from the platform called Vine. But her song Bodak Yellow not only went viral but the reason behind its success is that it’s an amazing song and she took months to craft this amazing masterpiece.

Cardi b has nominated twice for the 2017 BET awards. She also received two nominations for Bodak Yellow during the 60th Grammy awards for Best Rap Performance and Best rap song.

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