Is Selena Gomez in love once and for all?


After being together for years Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have parted ways many times. Justin is the one always cheating and going after other girls.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber lost their Virginity together and that’s the reason Selena loves him a lot. Last week Justin and Selena have spotted again for the Celebration of Justin’s birthday.

But this time they are taking some break from the relationship but it does not mean they are broking up. There are many issues between them which is the main factor that Justin Bieber and Selena break up a lot and due to their busy schedule as well.

Justin Bieber liked a Models pic last week just before his birthday and he has been going around with a lot of models as well.

Selena was always in Love with him because he is the first love of her life. But Justin is like an average guy he wants to get as many girls as he can. Well if you have that kind of fame and money, of course, you can get as many girls as you want.

Justin and Selena are now putting a pause to their relationship again but on the other hand, they will be together again in the near future.

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