Is “TOPOFF” Supposed to be Another Dj Khaled’s HIT or a MISS?


Dj Khaled just released a trailer for his upcoming song Top OFF featuring Future, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé. But the real question is, is Top Off going to be another DJ Khaled Anthem or a MISS?

Well if you see the previous records whatever songs Jay-z and Beyoncé have touched have become a Hit because Jay-Z and Beyoncé have a very big fan following.

If people are not going to listen to it for DJ Khaled, then people are going to listen to it for Asahad Khaled. Yes, In the Top OFF video DJ Khaled is showing off his Maybach 62 S while Khaled’s little son Asahd Khaled is rocking in a mini Maybach, and Yes Asahd Khaled has millions of Instagram followers at this young age.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé also produced a song before with Dj Khaled which was called shinning which was a pretty hit as well. So, on the other hand, Dj Khaled has millions of fans as well which can’t wait for the new song.

The trailer of the song looks legit as Dj Khaled is rocking his white Maybach with the white dress while Asahd Khaled is playing around with his black mini Maybach in a black suit.


This song will be listened by Future, Jay-z, Beyoncé and Dj Khaled’s fans so this will absolutely get millions of views in hours of sure. This song will be up to the hype.

According to many of the critic’s people are saying that Beyoncé is dissing Kim Kardashian in her verse but we haven’t heard this song yet so we are not sure about it.

DJ Khaled has been producing amazing songs and hits, he always wins the summer anthem and he has also worked with Drake and many other artists.

According to Us, this song is going to be a great hit.

The TOP OFF trailer looks amazing: