Justin Bieber is still crazy for Selena Gomez after Split


A few days back Selena Gomez, 25, said that she is calling off the relationship with Justin Bieber and they are no longer together.

So, Selena Gomez went to Australia with her friends to have a vacation and girls can have fun, Selena was rocking an orange-black bikini on a boat today, but it’s not the same with Justin.

Selena looks carefree and enjoying but it’s not the case with Justin Bieber because he is addicted to Selena Gomez and he can not get over her.

Justin Bieber Says he can’t get over Selena Gomez and he is addicted to her, he likes to talk to her, to spend time with her, he still wants to get back with her.

Justin is now keeping himself busy by hanging out with his friends, going out and doing things an apart from his usual life, he misses Selena a lot and he thinks that calling off the relationship was a bad idea.

Bieber continuous to struggle alone and has big planes with Selena Gomez when she returns to L.A. from her vacation trip to Australia.

Justin plans on taking her for some wine and dine and trying to get her heart back again, he thinks hanging out with her again will improve their relationship and it will be a wonderful time for both of them.

Justin and Selena’s fans are worried about them because they can’t see them apart, they both have an On-Off Relationship for a while now, Jelena is the term used by their fans to refer them both.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have deep roots as they both started dating at an early age and they both lost their virginity together, they both were first love for each other.

Justin tries to keep himself busy and healthy he had a great time playing hockey, soccer, Xbox and many other things, well if you have a net worth of millions then life is beautiful.

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