Kim Kardashian Is Being Hella Shady After She Shared a Sexy Video Featuring a Song by Kylie’s Ex Tyga

Kim Kardashain dancing on Trampoline on Tyga song
Kim Kardashain dancing on Trampoline on Tyga song

Um, what’s new with Kim Kardashian and Tyga? Kylie Jenner’s ex was apparently suspended from the Church of Kardashian after they split up two years back, however on Aug. 8, Kim posted a provocative video hopping around on her trampoline to the rapper’s new single “Taste.” Best believe, fans aren’t happy.

Kim initially posted three recordings highlighting Tyga’s tune. Two where she was strolling to the pool, and one where she was bouncing on a trampoline.

It appears kinda/sorta reconsidered it, since she transformed one of the melodies to a stick by her hubby Kanye West and quieted the other one, yet she cleared out her sparsely clad trampoline video as seems to be.


It appears as though Tyga was burrowing it, since he reposted the video all alone Instagram Stories and even labeled her in it. Fans felt like both were being rude of Kylie and her new man Travis Scott’s sentiments.

“Kim Kardashian posted Story listening to a song from Tyga… If I were Travis Scott, I’d be very hurt by my sister-in-law,” said one fan. “@KylieJenner Hey, your sister @KimKardashian is listening to Tyga in her most recent Instagram story. Sus,” said another. “Do you think Kylie is tight that Kim is bumpin Tyga in her story? Or is Travis like b—h I just dropped a whole album and that’s what you’re playing?” said a third.

Travis just dropped his new collection Astroworld a couple of days prior, and keeping in mind that the greater part of the Kardashian sisters are constantly super strong of Kanye’s new music, Kim hasn’t posted anything from Travis. There has been no past sign of beef between Kim, Kylie, or Travis, however perhaps this will begin a few. Or on the other hand perhaps she just couldn’t avoid the infectious bop, and can you extremely point the finger at her?

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