Kim Kardashian is Not Done Having Kids


Kim Kardashian became a mother of 1 baby girl at the start of this year, and Yes, an amazing start to the year.

Kim Kardashian didn’t give birth to a child but got a baby girl from surrogacy, and the real mother of the girl “Chicago West” is still unknown but Yes, she is a lucky child to get a parent like Kim & Kanye.

Kim Kardashian in the latest interview said that she only wants 1 more children, but the date or year of the children is not mentioned.

Kim and Kanye went for surrogacy for the recent baby girl because she had a near-death experience during the birth of her 2nd child which was named as “Saint West”.

After Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Kim and Kanye are the most discussed couple in the Rap game and in Hollywood.

Kim in the recent interview told that she only wants a family of 4 children so the next children will be her last child.

Kim Kardashian said she wants a million babies, but it will be hard for her to take control and manage them so she says a total of 4 kids will complete her family.

According to a recent post on a celebrity blog “Kim has already asked the surrogate mother that if she wants to carry a child for her”?

Kanye is an amazing father as told by Kim and the couple got one of the most secure homes for their kids, as the home consists of 24/7 surveillance, and around 50 heat-detecting cameras so that there 3 children are always safe at home.

The details of the fourth child are not confirmed yet but Kim wishes to have 4 children’s in total. Kim Kardashian and Kanye are in Jackson, Wyoming for the Mini Vacation and Kanye is headed to the hills with other Rappers to work on his new album.

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