Kourtney Kardashian gives a Warning to Sofia Richie

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick with Kids Old pic.

Kourtney Kardashian does not like the fact that her children are around Sofia Richie, she is mad at Sofia Richie.

Scott Disick has been dating Sofia Richie for a while now but when Kourtney sent her kids to meet Scott, Sofia was around and she started playing with 3 children of Kourtney and Scott.

Kourtney got very mad at Sofia Richie when she got to know about the fact that Sofia is hanging out with her children, Kourtney does not want Sofia to be around her children.

Well Yes Kourtney Kardashian is an amazing Mom and she knows how to protect her kids, Scott does not have any issues with Sofia being around the Kids because he Loves the 19-year-old model.

Kourtney does not believe that Scott and Sofia will have a long-term relationship, Kourtney said to Sofia to back off from spending time with her kids and she thinks that Scott is just passing time with her.

Kourtney thinks that Sofia is really Immature and she is playing the role of Step Mother of the Kids, but Kourtney says that Sofia is the reason for him and Scott to split.

Kourtney hates Sofia so much that she does not want even her kids to see her, but I think it’s the fault of Scott because he started dating Sofia and he took his children to meet with Sofia.

Kourtney has healthy and strict rules or lifestyle for her kids, she thinks that if her kids are around Sofia she will teach them harmful ways about life.

Kourtney gets stressed and anxious when Sofia is around her kids because she thinks she is very immature and she will teach them wrong things because Sofia does not know how to raise kids.

Sofia should learn this fact and stay away from the children or things will become messy out here.

When Scott started dating Sofia Richie even Kris Jenner said that are you dating a 19-year-old girl? he said yes, Kris was surprised and said she is too young for you Scott After that Scott split up with Kourtney.

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