Kylie Jenner Turned Down Travis Scott’s Proposal is Fake.


Well, such thing never happened as of now.

A lot of Celebrity Blog Networks such as ENews and HollywoodLife stated that Kylie Jenner turned down marriage Proposal and Travis Scott Proposed her.

But all of this news is fake because HollywoodLife and other blogs just want to create hype over nothing or fake news.

Kylie was just asked about her dream wedding and she replied what kind of wedding she wants. She never mentioned that Trvis Proposed her or something like that.

The thing asked was from Kylie’s close friend or something like that not even directly, and she was just asked about her dream wedding she never said that Travis Proposed her.

Yesterday many of the celebrity Blogs started this fake Rumor that Travis Scott has proposed Kylie and she has turned down the offer. This thing never ever happened at all.

According to EXCLUSIVE news of Hollywoodlife claimed that Kylie is thinking of getting married to Travis and things like that. This was not even real, HollywoodLife should give Kylie a break and stop spreading fake news about her to make money.

HollywoodLies is full of things that are not even real they have been uploading some fake news lately such as models liking picture of Justin Bieber on Instagram.