03 Greedo Drops Chaotic New Single “Bring The Block Outside”


    Los Angeles icon 03 Greedo is currently serving a twenty-year bid in prison and as we pray for him to get out early, his plan remains the same as it was when he was free. Greedo wants to release as much music as he can and in the months leading up to his incarceration, he was basically living in the studio. The Grape Street veteran¬†made sure that he had hundreds of songs ready to go so that his fans could continue eating despite his legal mishap.¬†Yesterday, he came through with a couple of new tracks, including the chaotic “Bring The Block Outside.”

    Produced by Digital Nas, “Bring The Block Outside” showcases Greedo at his rawest, drawling through his verses and spitting drug-laced bars about the chop, his whips, and more. What do you think of this one?

    Quotable Lyrics:

    Watch me bring the whole block outside
    N***as really don’t talk outside
    Made me bring the whole chop outside
    Hopping out, we don’t do the drive-by