Page Kennedy Drops Lord Jamar Diss Track “Straight Bars”


    Detroit rapper Page Kennedy is preparing for the release of his forthcoming project Straight Bars III, an album that drops on October 4, and to begin the countdown with a bang, he takes aim at Lord Jamar. The Brand Nubian rapper has never been one to bite his tongue, causing him to often rub a few people the wrong way. His comments about Royce Da 5’9 and female rappers, as well as his continuous disparaging remarks about Eminem, have made headlines, and Kennedy has returned to let Lord Jamar know exactly what he thinks of him.

    The actor-rapper took to his Instagram account to announce his Lord Jamar diss track single, “Straight Bars,” with a brief message for his foe. “Ayo @lordjamar !!!!!! ? You wanted to comment on the greatest Rapper in the world when you a rapper??? Well let’s Rap n*gga. #DetroitvsEverybody now get these #StraightBars buddy,” Kennedy wrote, standing in Eminem’s corner. Check out the track below and let us know if you recognize the beat that Kennedy used, as well.

    Quotable Lyrics

    B*tch I’m the GOAT and that even me braggin’
    No one can stop me, I might take your wife if she got more tail than Tekashi
    I’m sick of you old n*ggas
    And by you old n*ggas I mean Lord Jamar son
    You got an entire catalog nobody can spit one bar from
    Tryin’ to stay relevant using another n*gga name
    That’s insane