Sneakbo Kicks Back On “Love Is A Gamble” With Kida Kudz


Sneakbo has been putting in that work since first making noise in 2011. Since then, he’s established himself as a dominant force in the UK music scene, blending elements of dancehall, grime, and afrobeats into something that’s entirely of its own. The rapper’s latest single, “Love Is A Gamble” is a testament to that. With Kida Kudz lending a hand on the track, Sneakbo delivers a laid back record that sounds fitting for the summer. Perhaps it’s the afrobeats rhythm or even the warm vocal sample that linger in the background of the production.

With the new single out now, we’re hoping that this could be a sign that he has an album to bless us with this spring or summer. Check his latest song below.

Quotable Lyrics
She be my type, the girl oh so fine
She give me the post code, I was right outside
I’m droppin’ my girl for the one that I like
Droppin’ the hoes for the girls on my line