Following the conclusion of Snoop Dogg’s long-winding murder trial, the Doggfather and his fans were more than happy to celebrate a well-earned victory. As such, the Death Row movement made sure to keep Snoop’s mind at ease, taking him out to the water for a little bit of rest, recreation, and inebriation. In a clip shared on Snoop’s IG, he and Pac proceed to reflect on their mini-vacation, with Dogg opting to speak in riddles – much to Pac’s amusement. Ke.Mazur/Getty Images”My people from Death Row took me out of town to release my mind,” explains Snoop, prompting laughter from Pac. “You did release your mind,” he jokes, inserting enough into the subtext to leave our imaginations running.  “I was in the water, I was in the sky,” continues Snoop. “Me and 2Pac was like thirty feet in the air.” The clip cuts to the pair in a genuine fit of laughter, collapsing onto the table in hysterics. Some have even speculated that the duo were quite possibly blunted, as such laughter tends to accompany a few hits of the Death Row bud supply. Either way, it’s an endearing and wholesome clip made all the more bittersweet by Uncle Snoop’s heartfelt caption.Real,” writes Snoop. “Fun real laughs from some real cool guys. Miss. U. Cuzz.” As do we all, Snoop. Rest in peace to 2Pac Shakur.