21 Savage Spent Entire Verzuz Party Dissing Jeezy


21 Savage has explained his distaste for Jeezy on several occasions, dissing the rapper on his latest release Savage Mode 2.

“We don’t pump fake, we kill beef/21 Savage, not Jeezy (Pussy),” rapped the Atlanta rapper on “Many Men”.

That was just one of the times where 21 Savage told the world how he feels about Jeezy, clearly not having much respect for the OG. 

Last night’s Verzuz battle between Gucci Mane and Jeezy saw many tense moments, especially after Gucci played “Truth”. He ended the song by dissing Jeezy’s dead partner some more, reminding the rapper that he “put his ass in the dirt” and saying that he was “smoking on Pookie Loc pack”. Yikes. 

As you surely know, the night ended with a reconciliation of sorts, as Jeezy extended an olive branch to Gucci Mane, performing “So Icy” together and hitting the same after-party.

21 Savage was geeked up with his crew the entire way through the watch party, enjoying the festivities from Zone 6 and rooting for one person all night. As seen during 21’s live-stream, he was rapping word-for-word to “Truth” and he went absolutely ballistic during Gucci’s post-song snipes at Jeezy. According to HipHopDX, he even came at Jeezy and said that, if Gucci had played “745”, the rapper would have been crying in his throne on stage.

It shouldn’t be surprising that 21 Savage was rooting for Gucci to win. He’s got his own problems with Jeezy that are well-documented.

Who do you think won last night? Jeezy? Gucci Mane? Or the culture?