Action Bronson, Hologram, & Meyhem Lauren Drop “Mongolia”


Opening with a mood-setting quote from The Wire’s second season, the inimitable Action “Bronsolinio” Bronson knows how to immerse listeners into his world. With his new project Only For Dolphins set to swim ashore on September 25th, boasting production from Alchemist and more, Bronson has come through with another new drop. “Mongolia” finds him connecting with both Hologram and Meyhem Lauren, conjuring a Mediterranean aesthetic with a twangy guitar riff. “David Caruso couldn’t connect the story, solve the puzzle,” raps Action. “His favorite murder weapon was a shovel.”

Though his verse is ultimately brief, Bronson makes effective use of his time with no shortage of absurd imagery and zany quotables. Picking up where he drops off is Hologram, equally specific though more of a straight-man to Bronson’s comedic relief. “I eat African shrooms, while rappin’ on tunes, back in June when I clapped at your goon,” he raps, his flow dexterous. Last comes Meyhem Lauren, who keeps the energy going with some luxury food bars in his opening lines. “Meyhem doin’ good, that’s a rumor that I heard,” he raps. “There was time he was eatin’ bluefin tuna.”

Look for Only For Dolphins to land on September 25th, and revisit Bronson’s previous single “Golden Eye” right here. 


David Caruso couldn’t connect the story, solve the puzzle
His favorite murder weapon was a shovel
It’s the jefe, Spanish women all over my body like I’m Machete