Ameer Vann Wants You To “Keep Your Distance”


It’s been over a year since Ameer Vann released his last project Emmanuel and he’s breaking his yearlong silence with the release of a new single, “Keep Your Distance.”

The song harkens back to Vann’s early work with Brockhampton, balancing that fine line between moshpit aggression and whimsical aesthetics.

Producer Ghost provides a gritty beat for Ameer to snap on and he definitely delivers. The accompanying visuals feel something like an old Eminem video, with all of the requisite wackiness included.

“I don’t like none of y’all n****s,” Ameer growls repeatedly throughout the song. Although he doesn’t refer explicitly to his ostracizing, it seems he’s okay on his ones: “I get my weed from a demon, I’m smoking with Jesus/I make the devil believe it, I ain’t got friends for a reason.”

Give “Keep Your Distance” a listen below and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics

Hold up, I’m a gentleman
Front row seat at the Wimbleton
Black Tom Hanks, need a billion
No I can’t speak to the middleman
Two white cups for my shit again
Real big talk for a little man
You can get got for your dividends
Lil n****s runnin’ in your crib again