Big Boi Releases Visuals For 2012 Song “Tremendous Damage” In Memory Of His Father


Big Boi pulled a somewhat unorthodox yet commendable move by dropping the visuals he’d shot for his song, “Tremendous Damage,” with Bosko off his 2012 album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous RumorsDespite the fact that the song and most of the visuals are several years old, Big Boi felt it was the perfect time to put out this video, which is dedicated to his late father, Tony Kearse, because of the current state of the world.

“I shot ‘Tremendous Damage’ years ago, and I never released it,” Big Boi told Complex. “But the song spoke to me because there’s a lot of people out here that are losing loved ones, and the song’s about somebody who lost somebody. It’s dedicated to my father. The world is experiencing tremendous damage. I just wanted to speak to my people.”

Although he shot a good portion of the video around the same time that he dropped the album, Big Boi included some additional details before releasing it in order to further honour his father. “We added some things to it like certain effects and more historic pictures of my dad when he was in the military,” he explained. “He was in the Marines and he was in the Air Force, as well. The guy was a genius. He fought in Beirut and Vietnam. It was my way of honouring him. He was a bad, bad man.” Check out the music video for “Tremendous Damage” above.