Boldy James Links With Stove God Cooks For “Thousand Pills”


Boldy James has been enjoying a stellar year, having dropped off a pair of gems in the Alchemist-laced The Price Of Tea In China and the Jay Versace-laced The Versace Tape. Between that and a newly-inked deal with Westside Gunn’s Griselda records, the Detroit lyricist has all the reason to kick back and await the holiday season with a satisfied smile on his face. And yet here he stands, ready to continue the streak with yet another new album, this time lining up Real Bad Boldy for a December 11th release. 

Teaming with Real Bad Man behind the boards — that explains the 70s-action-flick-esque album title — Boldy has officially come through to deliver a new drop from the upcoming project. “Thousand Pills” finds the rapper sliding over some hypnotic boom-bap, a vibey backdrop befitting of Boldy’s film noir swagger. He comes in exuding quiet menace off the rip, his slick flow catching a pocket and never letting up. “Quarter brick Cubana cost a chicken, we be really brickin’,” he spits, in his opening lines. “Somethin like a vendor with the tenders and the finger-lickins.” 

Check it out for yourself now, and keep an eye out for Real Bad Boldy to land in full this December. 


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