Bryson Tiller Documents The Ups And Downs On “Things Change”


Bryson Tiller has consistently been one of the most talked-about artists in r&b and over the last few years, fans have been begging for a new release. On Friday, that’s exactly what he did as he dropped his new effort called Anniversary. There are some phenomenal tracks here, especially the song “Things Change” which is an immediate standout.

Throughout the song, Tiller accentuates his signature voice over the top of a spacey instrumental that contains all of the vibes one would ever need. In this track, we hear Tiller singing about a past relationship and how everyone involved has grown, leading to some distance between the two. It’s something many can relate to and it’s the kind of content fans have come to expect from the artist.

Quotable Lyrics:

Things now are so different
You should see me now, I’m so different
I know you like to say I went distant, but
Went to woman from women
How could you say you missed him?