Busta Rhymes & Rick Ross Deliver Big Boss Talk On “Master Fard Muhammad”


22  years after releasing Extinction Level Event, Busta Rhymes returned with the official sequel on Friday. The album marked Busta’s first official album in over 10 years, as well, and he didn’t disappoint. Stacked with 22 tracks in total, including appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Vybz Kartel, and more, Busta packed a bit of all of his styles onto the project and the features helped him tap into those zones.

The jazz influence in the project brings out the bar-heavy records like on the Kendrick Lamar-assisted, “Look Over Your Shoulders.” But Terrace Martin’s touch on “Master Fard Muhammad” brings out this lavish touch that only a feature like Rick Ross can compliment. Ross and Busta go back-to-back, paying homage to the founder of the Nation of Islam who started off bringing his message door-to-door.

Quotable Lyrics
She thought I had a seizurе, told her April fools
Fuck a lawsuit, bitch I’m tryna make the nеws
Master Mohammed sold silks goin’ door to door
Givin’ knowledge to the brothers fed who wanted more
We a nation of brothers, such a wonderful force
Go straight to the Quran if you wanted the source
I know God so proud you becoming the boss
Cold world with the flows, keep a n***a raw