Cardi B Reportedly Wants Full Custody Of Kulture


From the outside looking in, one might have thought that everything was copacetic between Offset and Cardi B. They had their rough patches in the public eye and the optics of everything seemed smooth. But, of course, nothing is ever as it seems and new reports revealed that Cardi had filed documents for divorce from Offset. Information was initially scarce but it appears that Cardi isn’t looking for joint custody when it comes to their two-year-old daughter. 

Rich Fury/Getty Images 

According to XXL, the documents filed to the Superior Court of Fulton County State Of Georgia Family Division revealed that Cardi’s seeking full custody of Kulture, who’s listed under her initials, K.K.C. Cardi “shows the Court that she is a fit and proper person to have legal custody of the minor child with final decision-making authority over legal custody matters, and to have primary physical custody of the minor child. Petitioner asks that the Court grant such custodial arrangement on a temporary and permanent basis,” it reads in court documents.

The documents said that Kulture has been living with her mother primarily. Along with full custody of the child, Cardi’s requesting child support from Offset and maintenance on a temporary and permanent basis. 

Thus far, neither Cardi nor Offset has made any public statements about their divorce. Apparently, the divorce papers reveal that there’s little chance of reconciliation between the two. We’ll keep you posted on any updates.