Celtics Reveal New City Edition Jerseys & Get Mixed Reactions


With the NBA season just about a month away, numerous teams throughout the NBA are unveiling their highly-anticipated City Edition jerseys. One of the first teams to do so were the Los Angeles Lakers, who are taking their team all the way back to 1960. Meanwhile, teams like the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder also showed off their new jerseys, and for the most part, fans were satisfied with what they saw.

Now, the Boston Celtics are getting into the City Edition spirit as they recently took to Twitter to show off their brand new uniforms. As you will see in the tweets below, the jerseys are inspired by the numerous team banners the franchise has in their arena. Of course, the Celtics have 17 NBA titles and this history has led to the jerseys you see below.

Due to the basic nature of these jerseys, many fans seemed to be quite upset at the design. As you will see in the tweets below, some felt like more effort could have been put into these, while other fans actually expressed just how much they enjoy these given the fact that they replicate the banner aesthetic.

Check out some of the reactions to these and let us know what you think of the uniform, in the comments below.