Comethazine Delivers Raucous New Single “Derek Jeter”


Comethazine first teased “Derek Jeter” on Instagram back in August and fans have been begging for a proper release since.

Today, the rapper finally obliged with a release on streaming services and a video to go with it.

From the looks of it, it seems the song’s delayed release can be chalked up to sample clearance issues. 

Comethazine swaps out the original sample-heavy beat for a decidedly darker 808-heavy beat from producer ChildBoy, which lowkey works better with his bars and aggressive tone.

The resulting song is Comethazine doing what he does best: rowdy turn up music with plenty of humour. He compares his balling to the Yankees great as he talks about two of his favourite things: women and weed.

Check out the brand new video for “Derek Jeter” below and sound off on the comments with your thoughts on Comethazine’s latest.

Quotable Lyrics

Single life for me because I chose to be a cheater
Dolo when I slide, I pull up just me and my heater
My b*tch running from my pitbull like he gone eat her
Your b*tch p*ssy dry, before you fuck you gotta eat her
Why you doing that? Shit, I’m not gone do neither
I just get the neck satisfaction, guarantee her
Lips on my dick right now so you can not see her
Smoke a baseball bat, ball like Derek Jeter