Comethazine Returns With New Single “Air Max”


Nearly half a year has passed with nothing happening on the Comethazine front but, last night, he decided to come through with one of the songs that his fans have been begging for.

After previewing “Air Max” back in April, and then again in August, Comethazine has returned with the full song and video, released via Alamo Records.

The single is more of the same from Co, which his fans have grown to love. His brand of aggressivity is matched by his bulging eyes and overall menacing nature. In his lyrics, he echoes that, telling the world that he’s trained to go and ready for war. He holds a rocket launcher in the video, in case you weren’t already convinced that Comethazine is really about that life.

Listen to the new song below.

Quotable Lyrics:

These hoes jumpin’ dick to dick but you can’t even trip, you know they gon’ choose
This is a dirty stick, but I still carry it with nothin’ to lose
I still know a couple n***as that I knew back in school, they missin’ some screws
They really run up on n***as, for a couple of hundred, a couple of blues
So whenever it’s drama time, me and all of mine, gon’ be uppin’ the tools
Bitch we TTG, trained to go, ready for war, you ready to lose