Damian Lillard Criticizes Michael Porter Jr For Selfish Comments


Last night was a difficult one for the Denver Nuggets who struggled to get much offense going against the Los Angeles Clippers. Everyone knows the Clippers are favorites to win it all this year and they have been an exceptionally difficult matchup for the Nuggets who are still a young team with a lot to learn. One of those players is Michael Porter Jr who had some critical comments of his team after their Game 4 loss. In fact, Porter Jr said he feels like he isn’t getting the ball enough and that the team should stop relying on Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray for all of their offense.

These were comments that many felt should have stayed in the locker room. Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers especially felt this way as he took to Twitter to explain why you can’t be this critical of your team. Many fans disagreed with Dame, although the Blazers star took the time to reply to fans, noting that if you have a gripe with your team, you should keep it in the locker room as opposed to making it public.

Lillard certainly makes a great point, especially when you consider how Porter Jr is a young player with a lot left to learn. When you’re down 3-1, criticizing teammates could lead to fractured chemistry, which only benefits the Clippers.

Game 5 of the Nuggets’ second-round series will go down on Friday, September 11th.