Davido & Lil Baby Join Forces For New Collab “So Crazy”


Davido found himself making headlines over the weekend. Not for anything bad but for the simple fact that his long-awaited collaboration with Nicki Minaj leaked online. Now, Davido and Nicki’s fanbases are enormous so news of the leak was received positively, though there still hasn’t been any word on when an official release will happen. 

The Nigerian singer has gained a footing in the North American market over the past few years, especially with collaborations alongside some of the biggest names in hip-hop and R&B. Following news of the leak, Davido came through with a brand new collaboration alongside Lil Baby, titled, “So Crazy.” The beauty of the collaboration is both Baby and Davido have proven to be versatile artists in their own rights. “So Crazy” brings Baby deeper into the world of afrobeats without losing his trap-tinged flow. It’s a bop that you’ll surely be hearing everywhere in the weeks to come. It’s unfortunate it didn’t drop in the summer, though.

Quotable Lyrics
You’re just too crazy, I know I’m not wrong
I’ll probably break down singing your favorite song
Do what I have to to stay in my zone
If you’re not with me then leave me alone