Digga D Returns With Charismatic New Single “Chingy (It’s Whatever)”


Digga D is fresh out and he’s celebrating his freedom with the release of a brand new single and video.

Although legal reasons prevent him from talking truly spicy, a toned down Digga is still a menace:  “hey back your bro, don’t spectate/he watched when I digged at his best mate’s chestplate.”

He definitely has a sense of humour too. Evoking the song’s namesake, he puts on an exaggerated Southern accent when he says “see a opp right thurr/and get chingy, chingy, chingy.” 

The accompanying video has Digga turning up in a massive mansion with plenty of beautiful models and cameo appearances from Unknown T and V9 plus all of the requisite rowdiness of a Digga D video. 

Check out “Chingy (It’s Whatever)” below and share your opinions with us in the comments. 

Quotable Lyrics

Ruined the sweater put two in the ‘Retta
They’re copying me cause I’m doing it better
Left my block with the pum pum revver
Can’t come here cause the killy dem deh bout
One hand ding can’t get the left leg up
They’re drawing me in they don’t want me to step out
Wait that’s him I swear
Where? Right thurr