French Montana & Fivio Foreign Squash Their Beef With “That’s A Fact (Remix)” Feat. Mr. Swipey


French Montana officially extended an olive branch to Fivio Foreign following their dispute over French disrespecting drill rappers by including FF on the remix of “That’s A Fact,” along with Mr. Swipey, who was the subject of their brief feud in the first place. Last month, Fivio called out French for riding the drill wave while only including an artist like Mr. Swipey as a “back-up dancer” in the video for “That’s A Fact.”

“French Montana wildin’, n***a,” Fivio said over IG live. “He wildin’, n***a. He gon’ have Swipey dancin’ and spinnin’ in every video like if he some type of back-up dancer, n***a. Ain’t no back-up dancer for you, n***a. You ain’t ’bout to use drill beats and have n***as spinning. Put that n***a on a song or something like that.” Now, all three of them are on a song together, solving Fivio’s concerns and seemingly indicating that all is well.

Prior to dropping the remix, French laid their beef to rest by plugging Fivio’s recent project, 800 B.C. (Before Corona), writing “WAVY MOOVIE LETS GO VIRAL.” Check out “That’s A Fact (Remix)” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

We feds, now we kickin’ the door
All this money, I ain’t have it before
And all this spendin’, I ain’t do it before
4-5, gotta tuck with my drawers
More clips, shit hittin’ the floor
Cops come, we hittin’ the door
Outside, we bangin’ the door