George Floyd Case: No Pleas Entered During Hearing, Trial Date Set


If it weren’t for the marches and demonstrations across the country, perhaps Derek Chauvin might still be walking the streets. However, that’s not the case. All four officers involved in George Floyd’s murder have been charged and appeared in court today. Though Chauvin appeared via video monitor from the prison he’s at, Tou Thao, J.A. Keung, and Thomas K. Lane appeared in front of a judge with their attorneys.

Per TMZ, Judge Peter Cahill and the attorney discussed a plethora of topics including pre-trial publicity. The judge hasn’t made any gag orders on the defendants though he did warn them to watch what they say. The attorneys representing the ex-officers are planning to file motions for a change of venue. Even on the topic of media coverage, both sides made cases as to why cameras should to shouldn’t be allowed during the trial. The defense wants cameras while prosecution does not. Judge Cahill is currently siding with prosecutors on this one, though it appears that there’s a possibility that could change.

The judge is also waiting on motions to consider whether they’ll be tried as a group or separately. Meanwhile, the defense is trying to get some of the charges dropped. 

None of the ex-cops have entered any pleas during the hearing. The next hearing is set for September 11th. The judge also set March 8th, 2021 as the start date for the trial.