George Hill Claims He Missed National Anthem To “Take A Sh*t”


George Hill of the Milwaukee Bucks has been in the news as of late thanks to his efforts in leading the Milwaukee Bucks to boycott their game against the Orlando Magic which was supposed to go down on Wednesday. Hill made it abundantly clear that the Bucks’ effort was necessary as they wanted to get the attention of legislators in Wisconsin who could make a real difference when it comes to affecting change in the political realm.

Yesterday, however, Hill made the news for a completely different reason. Some reporters noticed that Hill wasn’t present for the playing of the National Anthem ahead of the Bucks’ game. A few reporters speculated that this could be a protest although they were eventually proven wrong after the game. In fact, Hill admitted that he actually needed to go to the bathroom, which is something he does prior to every match. As Hill noted, reporters have been sleeping on this for a while.

Going to the bathroom in such a way is nothing new to the NBA. Of course, back in 2008, Paul Pierce infamously faked an injury because he had a bit of an accident. Hill clearly doesn’t want this to happen to himself and has taken a more proactive approach which is certainly admirable.