Grip Links With J.I.D & Kenny Mason For “Grip 3:16”


East Atlanta rapper Grip has been catching attention with his breakneck flow, natural swagger, firey intensity, and underground lyrical sensibilities. And while he has yet to fully capture mainstream attention, it seems he’s well on his way to taking his next step. Today, Grip dropped off his brand new EP PROBOSCIDEA, and while he’s largely left to his own devices one particular highlight finds him connecting with J.I.D and Kenny Mason on “GRIP 3:16.”

Over an old-timey sample with plenty of swing, Grip sets things off with a tightly woven flow, reminiscent in structure to the work of Kendrick Lamar. “I control the temperature, see rap is mi casa so don’t fuck with the thermostat,” he warns. “Go and harness that, then you probably could prosper, I told n**gas I’m Bernie Mac.” Tagging effortlessly in is Kenny Mason, who matches Grip’s dexterity with a ridiculous (and arguably scene-stealing) verse. Never one to be outdone is Dreamville’s J.I.D, who continues to body guest appearances like it’s nothing. Together, the three emcees make for an incredibly capable squad, piecing together an impeccable three minutes of lyrical fire that the game needs to check out immediately.


My sister’ll shoot a clip through the hip
Turn a n**ga to uterus, you a bitch
Now either your colony following all the tips or they swallowing hollow tips