Gunna & Travis Scott Don’t Miss On “Top Floor”


Atlanta rapper Gunna and Houston superstar Travis Scott are climbing a mountain to the top and they’ve officially made it to the top floor. The two irreplaceable characters have linked up for Gunna’s brand new album WUNNA and they did not disappoint, delivering a stand-out banger that will surely remain in our playlists for weeks. 

Arriving near the end of the tracklisting, “Top Floor” livens the mood and sets the tone for the remainder of the album, allowing for Gunna and Travis Scott to completely go off. The Turbo-produced beat mimics the celebratory structure of Young Thug’s “Hot.” Considering Gunna is featured on that joint, he likely wanted to try out the formula again for some magic of his own.

Gunna is the highlight here, but that doesn’t mean La Flame phoned anything in. The Houston rapper effortlessly sings the hook and does his thing all throughout this. In an attempt to better connect with his audience though, Gunna went full throttle and ensured that his name would be written in the stars for the rest of his lifetime. He succeeded.

Quotable Lyrics:

I feed her, we eatin’ calamari
Drip on these suckers, sorry, I’m not sorry
Order the PJ, I’m flyin’ to Maui
One of one, only get VLONE from Bari 
She came with me once, had a wonderful day
Bitch wrote a book and put me in her diary
We fucked on a boat, I’m a pirate
Admit it, I know you admire it