HHW Gaming Review: ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ Delivers The Authentic ‘Star Wars’ Experience Fans Will Love


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Does Motive Studios/EA’s Star Wars: Squadrons deliver the authentic experience of hopping into your favorite starfighter from the iconic films? It most certainly does.

Like the Star Wars films, there have been a sh*t load of games to accompany them, some good and some outright terrible. Since signing a deal with Disney back in 2013 giving them the exclusive rights to develop games based on George Lucas’ brainchild, EA has done a pretty solid job of taking us to a galaxy far far away via our favorite video game consoles. Most of the games usually deliver a mix of decent lightsaber action, blaster shooting with a pinch of space combat. But when it comes to the ones solely based on reliving the epic battles that we witnessed in the films, it’s been a somewhat okay experience.

Motive Studios decided to change all of that and said, what if we solely focused on the action from inside the cockpits? Your favorite Star Wars starfighter and give fans of the franchise the feeling they have always wanted. In Star Wars: Squadrons, you get just that when you are thrust into the ongoing battle between the New Republic and the Galatic Empire following the Battle of Endor from Return of The Jedi.

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Your customized character will then embark on a 14 mission campaign that will place you into two of the baddest squadrons in the galaxy, Titan and Vanguard. You will experience the story from both sides, taking on tasks that will help each side gain an advantage in the original story made just for the game.

Source: EA / Motive Studios

The campaign itself is very captivating but does feature some interactions with the game’s NPCs that can come off as redundant, but they add further insight into the campaign’s story. You don’t have to interact with them, but if you’re like me and just enjoy every single nugget of the game, then, by all means, do listen to what they have to say before and after each mission.

Source: EA / PS4 Share

While it’s not necessary to hop into Star Wars: Squadron’s story mode, it does also serve as an introductory course for players, introducing them to the different class of fighters you can use on both sides while giving a crash course on the many techniques you will need to master to survive. Plus, playing through the campaign will give you a leg up on players who instantly jump into the game’s multiplayer mode.

Source: EA / Motive Studios

Once inside your fighter of choice, the action will take place from the cockpit view. I must admit, at first, I was not too thrilled to learn that you couldn’t change your perspective, but after playing two missions from inside an X-Wing or Tie Fighter, I got over it rather quickly. I really did feel like Luke Skywalker or Wedge Antilles as we took out massive Star Destroyers and waves of Tie Fighters.

Source: EA / PS4 Share

Also, Motive Games went all out and really went ham with each starfighter’s cockpit design. If you didn’t know what the inside of Y-Wing, Tie Bomber, Tie Reaper, or U-Wing looked like, you will get to each starfighter’s cockpit in Star Wars: Squadrons, and you will not be disappointed.

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So how is the multiplayer? F U N. As of right now, there are only two modes available, Dogfight and Fleet Battles. Dogfight is self-explanatory and will have squad up with 4 other players to take on 5 other players in cross-gen team-deathmatch space battles. The first team to hit 30 kills win. It’s nothing complicated about the mode, but if you’re looking for good ole fashion dogfights involving the Star Wars vehicles, you won’t be disappointed.

Fleet Battles is the more technically game mode that requires a bit more strategy but is very exciting to play. Instead of simply just taking down other fighters, you will also have to take down the opposing side’s larger capital ships. When you take down a good number of the opposing side’s starfighters, you will gain enough morale to go on an offensive push to destroy the larger ship.

Think of it as an intergalactic game of cat and mouse that can go on for quite a bit before one side finally takes out either team’s Star Destroyer or Frigate. I personally love playing Fleet Battles over Dogfights, as I feel it is a more rewarding experience.

As previously reported, you will not only be rewarded with experience to level up but with Glory, which is used to purchase cosmetics for your ship and pilot. You can also complete daily challenges that will help you score rare gear also.

Source: EA / Star Wars: Squadrons

Final Verdict

I was totally impressed at the quality of Star Wars: Squadrons being that it’s only $39.99. Normally a game at that price point only gives you half an experience, not a full one, and keep in mind they will constantly be updating the game as time goes along. Star Wars: Squadrons is also PSVR ready, and honestly, I wished I did experience the game in the VR format and now has me considering purchasing Sony’s VR headset.

If you have been waiting for a Star Wars game that gives you that sensation of piloting an X-Wing or Tie Fighter, Star Wars: Squadrons is definitely the game you have been waiting for. I am definitely intrigued to see how this game will grow as time goes on.

Photo: Motive Studios/EA

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