J.I The Prince of N.Y. Has Something To Say In “Letter 2 U”


J.I the Prince of N.Y. has been bubbling in his hometown with a consistent stream of low-key melodic anthems.

The young rapper returns with a new song titled “Letter 2 U” featuring production from Byrd and DOC. 

J.I has a penchant for bouncy piano-driven beats and he flows effortlessly on this one, almost whispering as he laments a relationship gone bad: “you know I don’t treat you how I wish I could/but it’s you I want.”

The visuals find J.I mobbed out in front of the food spots in between shots of beautiful women and a marble bust on fire.

Check out the video for “Letter 2 U” below and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics

I just finished up ripping up all these love letters
I wish me and you could’ve had fell in love better
I’ma call it how you are
You was flawless from the start
You think I’m a piece a sh*t
I wasn’t cautious with your heart
And now you bugging on my government
Not the type to judge but you be moving on some other shit
Girl you know my jewelry too expensive for you to grab it when I’m f*cking you
You know how to make a n**** feel uncomfortable