Jay Electronica Releases Decade-Old “Act II: The Patents Of Nobility” On TIDAL


Jay Electronica and his team have been forced to hustle, getting Act II: The Patents Of Nobility (The Turn) on streaming services after this weekend’s leak.

The highly-regarded rapper has officially released his decade-old album on TIDAL, shortly after confirming that the leaked project would be added to all streaming services.

The album is being celebrated by rap fans across the world, who are saying that it sounds remarkably modern despite being recorded over ten years ago. Some of the punchlines are dated, like the BBM bars that he spits in the first song, but, for the most part, this is some of the cleanest rapping we’ve heard in a minute.

Fans are asking themselves why this has been stashed for so long but, with Jay Electronica seemingly coming through with tons of heat in 2020, it looks like he’s finally ready to make his music available on a more global scale.

Listen to the album below, which is currently only available on TIDAL. It will soon be uploaded to all of the other streaming services.


1. Real Magic
2. New Illuminati
3. Patents Of Nobility
4. Life On Mars
5. Bonnie And Clyde (feat. Serge Gainsbourg)
6. Dinner At Tiffany’s (feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg)
7. Shiny Suit Theory (feat. JAY-Z & The-Dream)
8. Memories & Merlot
9. Better In Tune (feat. LaTonya Givens)
10. Letter To Falon
11. Road To Perdition (feat. JAY-Z)
12. Welcome To Knightsbridge
13. Rough Love
14. Night Of The Roundtable
15. Run And Hide (feat. The Bullitts)
16. 10,000 Lotus Petals