King Von Shooting: New Video Shows Alleged Quando Rondo Altercation


A lot of misinformation has been coming out regarding the circumstances surrounding King Von’s tragic shooting death in Atlanta, including rumors that Lil Durk bought out Quando Rondo’s upcoming concert, and more.

The rapper was allegedly involved in a scuffle with Quando Rondo and his team and, according to Von’s manager, he wasn’t quite acting as carefully as he regularly does that night. Instead of getting situated first, Von’s manager says he rushed toward a member of the opposing team’s crew after finding out that they were also in the parking lot outside the Atlanta hookah lounge, which is when things turned ugly.

In a new video, shared by DJ Akademiks, the altercation prior to the shooting, as well as the chaos that began when shots were fired, is captured in full view of a security camera.

The video shows a large group of men gathered in the lot before King Von (in the white t-shirt) starts walking toward someone who was standing against another car a few steps out, which many are alleging is Quando Rondo. The two men do not exchange words. Von simply punches him square in the face before all hell breaks loose. 

In the span of about five seconds, things escalated from a fistfight to a shoot-off, with members of both crews running for their lives on video.

“Those shots that was fired from the individuals that shot Von and myself was the only shots fired from those individuals. Every other shot was coming from authorities. They started shooting everywhere,” explained Von’s manager. “So, when you see everybody taking cover, they wasn’t taking cover away from the shooter from Von. They was takin’ cover because they didn’t know where the shots was going from.”

It was initially confirmed that two men were fatally shot outside the club. King Von was brought to the hospital with critical injuries, which he passed away from on November 6.

Rest in peace, King Von.