Lil Pump Finally Releases “Life Like Me”


In March 2018, Lil Pump previewed his song “Life Like Me,” which was slated for inclusion on of his new mixtapes. Two years and one pandemic later and, finally, we’ve got the song.

Celebrating his twentieth birthday last month, the Florida rapper decided to release his long-previewed single as a gift to his fans, thanking them for sticking around despite his relative inactivity on the music scene. 

Produced by Bighead, “Life Like Me” is much like any one of Pump’s biggest hits. While that means it can take off at any minute, the hype appears to have died down from his earlier “Gucci Gang” days, making that end result unlikely.

Listen to his new record below and let us know if you’re rocking with it. 

Quotable Lyrics:

You ain’t livin’ life like me
I just bought me a new Patek Phillipe
I wear two bustdowns even when I sleep
No, I cannot tell you the recipe, yeah
I got Givenchy my shoes, yeah
We got more money than you, yeah
Pull up in a Transformer coupe, ooh
Tell Gretzky I dropped out of school