Lil Tjay & His Girlfriend Lala Experience “Mood Swings” In New Pop Smoke Video


Several weeks ago, Pop Smoke’s estate released a music video for the hit single “Mood Swings”, which has been big on social media, featuring the likes of Jordyn Woods. While her role in the clip was celebrated, the fans ultimately deemed that it was not enough to do Pop justice, requesting a do-over.

That time has come with the official premiere of the new “Mood Swings” video, marking the last one as solely a “visualizer”. 

With the new video arriving today, Lil Tjay and his girlfriend Lala (Rubi Rose’s best friend) are the stars of the show, experiencing real-life mood fluctuations after a fight.

At the beginning, we see Lala and one of her friends in the car as she complains about Tjay. Then, she gets a text message from the rapper and suddenly, everything is all better. She requests to be driven back to his mansion, where they engage in some passionate lovey-dovey scenes.

Are you more pleased with this video than you were the last?

Check it out above.