Nasty C Links With DJ Whoo Kid For “Zulu” Mixtape


Nasty C is a name that you’ve likely brushed over unless you’re well-versed in the international rap scene. The self-proclaimed coolest kid in Africa, the 23-year-old from South Africa has been bubbling hard over the last few years. He was recently featured on a new song by T.I. and now, he’s bringing his flare to the table with a mixtape hosted by DJ Whoo Kid.

The collaborative effort dropped last week, marking his first international tape. DJ Whoo Kid and Nasty C got to know each other pretty well during the whole process, sending songs back and forth during the lockdown and ensuring that he continues to grow stateside with each one of these joints.

Named GQ South Africa’s Musician of the Year in 2020, Nasty C is somebody you’ll want to keep your eyes on. 

Listen to the project below.


1. Poetry (feat. T.I.)
2. We Made It
3. U Know What It Is (feat. Mishlawi)
4. Palm Trees
5. Screetched (feat. Crowned Yung)
6. Eazy
7. High Key
8. Steve Harvey
9. Not The Same (feat. Landstrip Chip & iZZe)
10. I’m Sorry
11. They Don’t (feat. T.I.)