NBA YoungBoy Says He’s “Still In A Dark Place”


Youngboy Never Broke Again has been open about his struggles in the past. The 21-year-old has had a hard time staying out of trouble with the police, which seems to always commence a down-spiral for the young man. Despite only now being legally allowed to drink, Youngboy already has a handful of children to take care of.

His decision-making hasn’t always been the most clutch, but he makes consistently good music, which keeps his fans onboard.

In recent months, we’ve seen NBA Youngboy log off of social media for months, going on a musical hiatus before releasing new music a couple of months ago. His return with Top was much-appreciated by fans, who continue to stream it day in and day out, giving the Baton Rouge native some of the best numbers in his career. Despite all that, he’s still going through mental turmoil, uploading a new video last night about his life.

“I’m still in a dark place inside my life,” said YB in the clip. “I’m still hurtin’ but I’m still always prayin’ though.”

Last week, Quando Rondo was linked in the tragic shooting death of King Von. The Never Broke Again artist has close ties with NBA Youngboy. Some fans believe that YB could have uploaded this because he fears retaliation from OTF and O’Block.

While that’s merely speculation on the part of commenters, NBA Youngboy has been through a lot of trauma so, hopefully, he’s able to turn things around and start living a more fruitful and happy life.