Nico.Wav Comes Live From PG County On “Purified”


Maryland rapper Nico.wav might be a new face to some. He only has one project available on streaming platforms, Old Soul. He released his first new single since then, “Lookup” at the beginning of September, and now, he’s returned with “Purified.” Nico.wav might have taken time up until this point but his latest single revels in the idea of patience. The rapper tackles off-kilter jazz samples infused into this lofi-esque production with an honest reflection on his personal journey through life. It’s a motivational anthem that speaks to overcoming obstacles, personal growth and maintaining resilience throughout it all. “I used to hate my dreams, wanted to escape my dreams/ Didn’t know my place but now I’m learning to embrace these things,” he raps on the record.

Check out Nico.wav’s latest single, “Purified” below.

Quotable Lyrics
I’m on it to be spreading all this
Knowledge, like a fuckin’ germ
I’m polished, lookin’ like the hottest
But I never burn
Abolish those that don’t want to acknowledge
It’s my fuckin’ turn