Patrik Returns With Braggadocios New Single “High End”


Patrik has been making waves over the last few years thanks to his unique tracks that will always leave you feeling like you’ve just listened to something fresh and undeniably “new.” The Montreal artist has steadily been dropping new music and his most recent effort is a short track called “High End” which clocks in at just under two minutes long.

The song begins with an interesting 808 progression that leads into the hook and then some verses. Throughout the entire track, we see Patrik delivering braggadocios lyrics about his outfits and just how great his clothing choices are. Considering Montreal has a burgeoning fashion scene, these lyrics only make sense.

Give the track a spin and let us know what you think, below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Fresh fit fitted and I’m high end
Whole team all up in the feel like a tight end
This is for my ladies and my right hand
Working all day, getting paid when the night ends