Paul Wall Drops Off New Album “Subculture”


Paul Wall radiates a kind of humbleness that’s rare in the game.

With over 15 years in the game, a Grammy nomination, and a successful side hustle as a jeweller, the Houston rapper adds to his already stacked catalog with the release of a new album, Subculture

The veteran rapper partnered with Red Bull for this latest project, recording the entirety of the album at Red Bull Music Studios. 

He takes a step out of his comfort zone with this one, trading in the relaxed flow he has been known to employ for a series of decidedly more upbeat cadences. Maybe it’s the Red Bull.

There are flashes of the old Paul Wall on here (standout “Smoke out the Window” comes to mind, with its classic Houston vibe), but for the most part, Wall is experimenting with faster tempos and more aggressive flows. 

Subculture is available now on all streaming services. Tell us your thoughts on the Houston legend’s latest project in the comments below.


1. Kill Dat Shit
2. Pressure (feat. yoitsCrash)
3. Ice Man
4. Smoke for Free
5. Real One
6. Catch a Case
7. Right There
8. Made for This
9. Thru the Roof
10. Smoke out the Window
11. Slab Sittin Low