Quavo Denounces Hennessy, Encourages ‘The Martell Way’

Quavo Flexes World's First Emerald Cut Grills

Quavo has spoken up about his dissatisfaction with one of the most popular cognac liquor. Throughout history, Hennessy and Hip-Hop has meshed very well with endorsement from rappers. Quavo is no longer endorsing the cognac liquor. Honcho took to his Twitter to voice his discord with Henny.

“My Folks Need To Stop Drinkin Hennessy, exclaimed the Migos rapper. “They Don’t F**k Wit Us! No mo Rapping about Henny.

There’s no telling of the exact occurrence that turned Quavo off, but he did offer his personal alternative for cognac lovers.

“The Martell Way Is How I’m Coming and They Appreciate It Better! Martell Blue Swift!”

Quavo’s became a brand ambassador for Martell back in 2018. Therefore, his allegiance to the Cognac house makes sense. Despite this he has never condemned Hennessy in the past, until now. With Huncho’s recent denouncement, we’ll see if more folks leave Henny in the rearview.

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