Rexx Life Raj Is Chilling In A “Tesla In A Pandemic”


“Man, listen,” Rexx Life Raj says in the hook to his newest single. “I just copped a Tesla in a pandemic.”

In the appropriately named “Tesla in a Pandemic,” Raj talks ambition and hustle and he wants to make it clear you don’t have enough of either.

Over a quietly introspective instrumental that sounds as smooth as the Tesla drives, Raj employs his matter of fact flow and injects just enough melody into it to switch things up.

The visuals that go with the song heavily feature the aforementioned Tesla as well as Raj chilling on a rooftop as he raps his verse to the camera. 

Check out the video for “Tesla in a Pandemic” below and make sure to share your thoughts on this one in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics

I know what I want, I got the tunnel vision
Double up and flip it, start another business
Meditate daily or else I get to trippin
Cause rapping is easy but staying humble isn’t
Overthinking nights where I used to twist and flip in the bed
And my Twitter feed turns to little voices in my head
Why is it so hard to see the positive instead?
We consuming more than food but look what we being fed