Skippa Da Flippa Releases New Project “Under.Stand.Able”


If Skippa Da Flippa has ever felt misunderstood, he’s here to clear the air with his latest project, Under.Stand.Able. The rapper returned with his latest project earlier today. Under.Stand.Able is a quick six-track EP filled with trunk-rattling trap production, major flexes, and braggadocio. Skippa Da Flippa’s comes through swinging on “I Remember” as he details personal trials and tribulations before giving a breezy celebratory banger with “Blue Cheese.”

Under.Stand.Able follows the release of Skippa’s $H2, his first project in nearly two years. He’s continued to flood the streets with new music since then with songs like “Win Again” and “Outdated,” as well as collaborations with Tony Warren and Lost God. 

Check out Skippa Da Flippa’s latest project, Under.Stand.Able below. Keep your eyes peeled for more new music from Skippa.