Soulja Boy Puts On For The Gang On “Link Up”


If Soulja Boy didn’t have the biggest comeback out 2018, he’s still the comeback king. Let’s face it — every time Big Draco has been knocked out, he bounces back even harder. However, he’s been surprisingly quiet since his release from prison, keeping his nose to the grindstone and dropping music with little antics to follow.

Following the release of King Soulja 9 earlier this year, Big Draco’s steadily unleashed a flurry of singles. This weekend, he dropped off his new single, “Link Up” produced by Bianchi 448. Soulja’s hoarse voice propels over the muddy trap production with braggadocious bars of copious pints of syrup and Terminator-type artillery. It’s not a mind-blowing effort from Soulja Boy but he is still catering to his fans like he’s always done.

Quotable Lyrics
Double cup, straight drop, n***a
Got more syrup than waffle house, 30’s gon’ stick ’em out
Whip it out, whip out that Cartier bussin’ lean
I’m still in the trap, whippin’ that dope
Young n***a you know that I’m gettin’ it in
I’m spinnin’ your block, gon’ spin again