Taco Bell Apologizes For Employee Being Fired Over BLM Mask


Foodservice employees were deemed as “essential workers” months ago when the COVID-19 pandemic was first becoming a global issue. Months later, wearing face masks has become a cultural norm, and as many citizens try to fight it, food service workers are required to don masks during their shifts. A Taco Bell employee name Denzel Skinner went viral on Thursday (June 18), after he shared a video of himself speaking with his supervisor. She fired him for wearing a Black Lives Matter mask.

The supervisor is off camera but can be heard saying that while she agrees with the movement, she has to abide by company rules, so he can’t wear it while working. He told her he wouldn’t take it off, so she claimed there was nothing she could do. People took to social media to cancel the fast-food chain, so Taco Bell has now shared a statement about the incident, saying that they stand by the Black Lives Matter movement and admitted that the employee shouldn’t have been let go.

“We are deeply upset by the incident that took place in Youngstown, OH. Denzel Skinner should never have been put in this position,” Taco Bell shared in a statement. “We believe the Black Lives Matter movement is a human rights issue and not a political one. We do not tolerate racism or violence against the Black community and we demand inclusivity.”

“We know we still have a long way to go and we will make serious, tangible changes. We have been in conversations with Denzel and our franchisees to make sure our actions represent our words. We will hold ourselves accountable.” Check it out below.