TisaKorean Saunters Down A “Rocky Road” With Father & YehMe2


TisaKoren has teamed up with Father and YehMe2 for the raunchy banger “Rocky Road.” The name implies that something sweet is occurring, and in this sense, the deliciousness of candy and dessert are being used as sexual innuendo. The instrumental for “Rocky Road” sounds like something out of Lil John’s mid-2000 vault. There is a wacky yet crunk vibe to the beat, which features a sometimes annoying synth that sounds like a tattoo gun. Playful xylophones give the instrumental a fun feel, but the hard-hitting base really takes the “turn up” to the next level. 

TisaKoren, Father, and YehMe2 keep it pretty simple on this one, using desserts as metaphors for their sexual desires. The chorus is simple enough, and it almost feels as if they were trying too hard to make this one a radio hit. 

Quotable Lyrics
She be crawling like a creature
Sit up on them bleachers
Ima leave my eggs at her house just like Easter
You gone blow her phone up and tell her that you need her
Ima put my dick inside her mouth and help her fever